Health Promotion Switzerland doubles co-financing of WHM analyses until March 2021

Workplace health management (WHM ) has proven its worth also during lockdown, and the mental health of employees has once again gained significantly in importance.

An in-depth analysis is the best starting point for establishing workplace health management (WHM) in your company. To what extent is WHM already implemented in your company, and where is there still need for action? A WHM analysis shows you the current situation in your company. In addition, it provides you with a basis for efficient implementation of further measures. The aim of WHM is to preserve the health and motivation of employees, thereby contributing to corporate success.

Health Promotion Switzerland supports you with your plans and reimburses a portion of the costs of the analysis if it is conducted by a WHM consultant accredited by them. Until the end of March 2010, Health Promotion Switzerland doubles the co-financing of WHM analyses as follows:

  • CHF 6’000 (instead of 3’000) for employee surveys using Friendly Work Space Job-Stress-Analysis
  • CHF 3’000 (instead of 1’500) for initial status reports with Friendly Work Space Check

ICAS Schweiz is an accredited WHM consultant of Health Promotion Switzerland. We know from experience that an integrated WHM increases the productivity and creativity of the workforce, especially in uncertain times.